Norlin One Design Class Rule, röstning för uppdatering

Nu har den reviderade Norlin One Design regeln kommit, den är nu ute för omröstning. Som ni ser i stycket “From the President” så är det bara en omröstning om uppdatering av dom befintliga OD reglerna. Som ni också ser i den nya klassregeln så står den gamla formuleringen in överstruken röd text och den nya i röd text.

Ny klassregel: Norlin One Design Class Rule

NCA’s and Class Members

Attached are letters from the President and Head of the Technical Committee. Please read these in conjunction with the attached rule document to have a clearer understanding of the process and history.

Special General Meeting – International 2.4mR Class Association – Electronic Version (EGM)

Pursuant to the terms of the 2013 Constitution of the International 2.4mR Class Association notice is hereby given of the proposal from the Class Technical Committee to adopt the Norlin One Design Class Rules, as attached, in full replacement of those adopted at the 2013 AGM.

Under the terms of the 2013 Constitution a 30 day discussion period was invoked which started on the 21st February 2014, and ended at midnight 23rd March 2014. Following this the Class Technical Committee looked at and took into account some of the concerns and proposed changes that were received.

Attached to this notice is the final version of the Norlin One Design Class Rules as now proposed for adoption.

This notice is given to all NCAs who should circulate their membership and form a YES/NO position for that NCA. Each NCA should then forward the YES/NO result to the Class Secretary by email on this address within the 15 day period starting from the date of this email. Answers received after the end of the 15 day period will have no validity in the voting procedure.

The period for comments is finished as far as this vote is concerned but the EC and TC via the secretary are happy to receive comments in the future which may cause a further review of the rules on an ongoing basis.

The date of this email is the 27th April 2014 and the period for receipt of YES/NO answers will end at midnight UK time on the 11th May 2014.

The votes cast by each NCA will accord to the level for each NCA at the 2013 AGM. A simple casting of the votes to achieve a majority will decide whether the rules are adopted or not for immediate use.

Steve Bullmore – International 2.4mR Class Secretary
27th April 2014


From the President

2014 Norlin OD Rule Update

Hello all NCA’s and class members. Attached is a revised Norlin OD rule to be voted upon.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • Changes to the Norlin OD rule do not change the 2.4mR rule in any way.
  •  There are only a small number of events in association with IFDS and the Paralympic cycle that are exclusive to Norlin OD boats. The overwhelming majority of events worldwide are run under the Open 2.4mR rule, where the
  • Norlin OD rule may be a sub set.
  • The current (2013) Norlin OD rule is already in place. The vote is not whether these rules will exist or not it is about which version will be in place.
  • This new version (2014) of the Norlin OD rule will replace the 2013 version if the vote is in favour of it. If the vote is no then the 2013 version will remain valid.
  • The new version (2014) of the rule allows more flexibility for the sailors and is much clearer for interpretation.
  • The new version (2014) has been developed using a wide scope of consultation with all parties within the 2.4mR class.
  • The International 2.4mR class has the job of looking after the rules and changes but has no control over who uses these rules.
  • Future changes to rules (2.4mR or Norlin OD) will be handled at the 2.4mR class AGM once a year.

We are now at the point where the class members through their NCA’s are to cast their votes for or against the changes to the rule. As a Paralympic sailor myself I realized that with the upcoming IFDS Worlds in Halifax that there were some shortcomings in the current version (2013) of the OD rule. I believe this should be rectified ahead of the IFDS event

The IFDS World Championship event will be using the Norlin OD rules regardless of the outcome. The choice is between the version we have now (2013) or the new one (2014). I believe the new one to be a fairer version and in the interests of the sailors. I urge you to carefully consider the outcome and cast your vote via the NCA process.

Thank you

Bruce Millar
International 2.4mR Class President

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    Jag tycker att det i stort ser bra ut, det är som alltid något man inte riktigt gillar men i sin helhet tycker jag det ser bra ut. Jag tycker att Sverige ska rösta JA.

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